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Name chains - an individual gift

Name chains are a form of individuality. Only you have one and nobody else. You are special. Especially if you like your loved one Name chain give.
They come in different shapes and colors. There is something for every need. Depending on your needs, you can choose which color, which design and which engraving You like best.

Gold name necklace

Depending on your skin type, you can also choose what material the chain should be made of. At a Gold name necklace “Spring” and “Autumn” skin types are the most suitable. A warm gold flatters it very much. Spring types have gold-colored skin undertones, often with blue or green eyes. The autumn type, however, is rather pale to dark with a warm undertone. That's why one fits golden name chain good to these guys.

If you want real gold jewelry, this is of course of great value. If you are interested in gold and still want to have a cheap variant, then the gold-plated name chain is ideal for this. Gold plated means that it is a 925 sterling silver chain This type of name chain is with a 14 carat gold layer overdrawn.

The Name chain it still looks golden, even if it is not made of real gold. There is also for example a 585 gold chain. This is also in a corresponding price position.

Name necklace in silver

There are similar designs Name chain also in silver. So you're more of a cool skin type like “summer” and “winter” might suit silver best. Summer types have a delicate skin tone and quickly turn brown, whereas winter types often have dark hair and light skin. 925 silver is very popular.

Silver looks particularly good on such skin types. On the one hand there is 925 sterling silver Variant. That kind of Name chain is offered very often and is available in a relatively good price range. Silver can also be framed with other colors to give the whole thing that certain something.These name chains are also available in matt and with tribal.

All of this works with one 925 silver chain. Glossy surfaces are also available. A tribal, however, is a curved shape below the name lettering. At a Double names a tribal offers itself very well. The same applies to a lettering that should consist of two words. This gives the chain more stability. The tribal has the shape of a heart with curved ornaments.

This is entirely a matter of personal taste and this does not make your chain more expensive. You have the free choice to choose between a name chain and a name bracelet.

Name chain made of rose gold

In addition to the normal gold tone, there are also Name chains in rose gold. The color is pink rather than really gold. It is good as a gift for women or for lovers, because they have a good color for it. They are also made from a mixture of gold and pink, so that they have a slightly different color. Rose gold is also more subtle than normal gold and more expressive than silver.

This is also a very harmonious color. It suits both dark and light skin types. With some chains there is also a small surcharge for rose gold variant. In addition, you can also add a gem whether it is silver, rose gold or gold. You can choose a Swaroski stone or even a real diamond. The latter is also rather expensive. You can freely choose the placement of this.

name chain fonts
Name chains fonts

Name chain with different fonts

It's also an idea to stand out from the crowd different fonts to choose. On the one hand, you can use italics like one, but you can also use different fonts for engraving. You can also create a name chain with your own handwriting.

Various computer fonts are also freely selectable under the name chains. There is also a large selection of the latter. Lots ornate fonts make a name chain. You can also see the thick-printed versions.

Even old ones English letters can be used in a name chain look beautiful. It also depends on who it was made for and what this person likes best. The font can also be changed many times. It also depends on what type of name chain you want to use. Is it rather a simple one with your own name? Does it have a special shape?
It also depends on the choice for the respective font. Also an ideal gift for baptism.

The name chain as a gift?

You can do that Give someone a name chain. It is something personal that you can give to someone you care about. So she is always with you with her thoughts. Among the various materials is every other thing that you choose for it Unique. You can easily have the chain engraved with a name or use other words with which you connect your sweetheart.

This type of chain is ideal for various occasions. Also for them baptism or even that general naming this is a good gift. The chain is therefore versatile and is always a good gift, especially for jewelry wearers. If necessary, you can also determine how long the chain should go. There is usually a limit of 35 to 50 cm. Should the chain fit closer?

Or is it better if it is longer? You should ask yourself these questions when placing an order. Different options also result from the model. In the selection and configuration step, you can also select certain extras. No matter which option you should choose, the chain is usually made of high quality stainless steel. This also means that it doesn't break so easily. In addition to the normal variants, two letters of the initials can also be offset. Wristbands would also be an additional option.