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Women's jewelry

Personalized necklaces, bracelets, earrings and more!

Men's jewelry

Personalized necklaces, bracelets, rings and more!

Couple bracelets and gifts

Give yourself or your loved one a present!


Let yourself be inspired and immerse yourself in the fantastic world of Mr.Couple. Just use our hashtags #mrcouple or #getloved and become part of the Mr.Couple family.

More about Mr.Couple

What does "Mr. Couple ”?

"Mr. Couple “makes it possible, individual gifts for a loved one to order easily and conveniently via the global network. The unique gifts - equipped with a personal touch - include, among others Wristwatches, Keychains, Necklaces and bracelets for women and men. The handsome pieces of jewelry are perfect for lovers: for example, the clever watches (for both genders) show a unifying partner look. Furthermore, it is conceivable to perpetuate the jewelry with an engraved message. If requested „Mr. Couple“ the exclusive chains, ribbons and pendants with a specific lettering.

For whom is the online trade "Mr. Couple” in question?

The unusual web shop of "Mr. Couple” offers personalized gift ideas - such as necklaces, watches or jewelry - for women and men. The classic range is especially aimed at friends, couples in love and other lovebirds.

The original products serve their purpose equally well for men, women and lovers. They are perfect for expressing your feelings and affection - the soulful and devoted attentions strengthen and inspire the mutual partnership.

The online presence of "Mr. Couple ”is constantly expanding its own range of goods. In addition, there are special offers for special occasions (for example for lovers' day) to be discovered at regular intervals.

What are the advantages of shopping at “Mr. Couple"?

Order from “Mr. Couple” offers a number of advantages. The online retailer assures its customers that the gift items will be delivered promptly and offers a 24-month guarantee on the goods ordered. There is also the opportunity to purchase the desired products on account.

Mr.Couple sends its products with the delivery service DHL. In addition, the customer has a 14-day right of return.With "Mr. Couple “the buyer decides between the payment systems Klarna, advance payment, instant transfer and PayPal. In addition, expert Customer service is available to all customers at all times - should any questions or problems arise.

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Umzug der Geschäftsstelle keine Bearbeitung zwischen den 14.09.2021 und den 04.10.2021

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